Aug 9, 2017
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Service plan “Stable” 12% per day Term of investment: 12 days Min-Max 0.005Ƀ - 5Ƀ
Service plan “Extended/Advanced” 12.5% per day Term of investment: 12 days Min-Max 5.001Ƀ - 20Ƀ
Service plan “Maximum” 13% per day Term of investment: 12 days Min-Max 20.001Ƀ - 200Ƀ
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The project is focused on success and deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. The loss is an unlikely scenario due to the work of specialists who have calculated all the risks.
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The activity is completely legal, the number of investors is growing daily, which has a positive effect on the Bitcoin rate. We simplified the withdrawal: the minimum amount is 0,0005 BTC. Deposit is included.
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Anytime you can make a request, and competent specialists will help you in any situation. Regardless of time and complexity, please contact us!

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Look at the impressive figures for the growth of our investors. It's not a fantasy – it's a modern financial reality, you can become a part of it! Invest in potentially profitable projects – Bitcoin is one of them.

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2017 9 Aug

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